Revenue Projection Reports

Rental Statistics for the Granite Ridge Townhomes in Jackson Hole are increasing each year for these luxury log homes. I always caution people and carefully disclose that if we have poor snow conditions during the winter seasonal months, the rentals statistics, and revenue can be strongly affected.

Different than other Western Ski Resorts, our Summer Rental Homes volume has consistently gotten stronger each year for these unique properties. These properties are for the wealthy Jackson Hole Real Estate Investor looking for a great ski location and proximity to the ski resort.

Traditionally these prime properties in unique settings have out performed the average rental property in both rentals and Re-sale value. I would recommend a serious investor interested in the Jackson Hole marketplace consider that a break even cash flow with these units is not easy. One should carry a mortgage of no more than $700 to $800 thousand dollars at an interest of no more than 6.5% per annum. I would also recommend our buyers to use our Jackson Hole Property Management division to maximize cashflow through our 35% flat fee offered to our real estate investors and buyers in Jackson Hole.:

Are you looking for a Property Management Company in Jackson Hole? We are the largest Central Reservations Company in Jackson Hole, with our own house Property Management program. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to the possible revenue potential your property has, our website offers and supplies you with revenue projections for the 5 different types of Granite Ridge townhome units available, and real estate in Jackson Hole.